Frequent Flyer Programme ( FFP )

Frequent Flyer Programme ( FFP )

How to maximize the points for your airline Frequent flyer Programme ?

Registration is Free :

Most the airlines are offering Frequent flyer programme, Registration for free. So ensure to register it, no matter which country you’re in.

Partner Airline :

Most the airlines have an affiliation with partner airline where you can boost more miles, even if you are not travelling with the airline, that you have your membership number with. For example, If you are a member of Qantas airline, you can earn the points of their member airline i.e. Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Malaysian Airline etc.

Non-airline partner :

Majority of the airlines have the non-airline partner meaning, even if you’re not flying however staying in one of the hotels, can earn the points towards when staying or vv. For example, flying with Latam Airlines or Finnair can earn your the Accor points.

Credit Cards :

How can we forget the best way to boost your frequent flyer programme, is by signing up with for a new credit card and be eligible for free bonus points.

Transfer from other Frequent Flyer Programme :

Another way to boost your frequent flyer points is to transfer your accumulated points from non-regular airlines to your primary airlines and keep earning at one place. Not only this will save you the hassle of managing multiple frequent flyer accounts, however the more closer you will get to earn the required tier of status credits.

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